April 20, 2023

We made it to Red Bluff last night for a barrel race all four girls ran in. It was nice to get some sunshine (Brian working on his phone with his lap dog 😜) while the girls tacked up horses and then turned into a late night with 247 barrel racers! Francie and Red had a nice clean run and ended up in the bottom of the 1D (top tier times within half a second of the fastest runner – if she was a couple hundredths of a second *slower* she would have won $900 and a buckle winning the 2D but she’s proud of racing with these fast gals in the top!) Tess and Solo are learning to work together (and pretty cute out there, she’s one of the youngest to enter) – Maisie and JJ had good, really fast runs but both barely knocked the second barrel. Got to spend a night at Oma’s filling up her barn and her beds! On to the next.. #m5rodeo @m5rodeo #myfourmarys #m5maryteresa #m5maryjane #barrelracers

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