January 15, 2020

Goals and How to Write Them!

Creating and writing down your goals is an awesome way to clearly show what your priorities are for your small business. A list of goals is like a map – it shows where your focus and attention should be in order to grow your business the way you want it to. There are certain ways to write them though!

In order for goals to be effective, they should be…

• Measurable

• Reasonable

• Timely


Goals should include measurable elements, so you have concrete evidence showing that you met, surpassed, or came up short on your goal. Measurable elements include numbers, dates, times, amounts, etc.

For example, instead of just saying, “Use social media more,” you should have specific amounts and dates attached to it. An effective goal for increasing revenue may read like this, “Build a complete website by the end of this quarter.”

Next, you’ll can add steps to take in order to reach this goal. These steps may look something like…

• Create and purchase a custom domain by February 1st.

• Photograph and upload all products by February 14th.

Add all colors, themes, fonts, and shipping section by February 25th.

• Add all finishing touches and launch website by February 28th.


Goals should be in your control and reflect reasonably on your actual life. Have high expectations for yourself, while at the same time keeping in mind other commitments you have in your life that need your time and attention.

For example, “Be approved for a loan,” is not entirely in your control. Yes, you can get your finances in the best place possible to be approved, but ultimately, it is the bank’s decision. Instead, a reasonable goal would be, “Apply for a loan by March 1st.”

This goal is different because it has a measurable element (the date), and applying for a loan is entirely in your control!


The ultimate idea of setting goals is to complete as many of them as you can! Write out your goals in a way that leaves room for real life and sets you up for success.

For example, writing “Post on social media everyday for 30 days,” is not setting you up for success. Yes, you have your measurable number in there, but if you miss just one day, then you very quickly haven’t met your goal, and need to start over!

Rather, while still holding yourself accountable, a better, more timely goal would be something like, “Complete 4 business posts on Instagram each week.”

This is because you don’t have to do it EVERYDAY. You are still holding yourself accountable by posting at least 4 times a week, but have the freedom to post twice in a day, or space out your posts a bit more.


We made this template so you can start writing your own personal, professional, or physical goals too!

Share in the comments 3 big goals you have for yourself in 2021!

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  1. Ellen Osborn says:

    3 Big Goals for 2021 —

    #1 Organize our income streams – 2 AirBnbs & folkart pottery. (not really measureable yet! 🙂 & clean up media that represent them.
    #2 Create a family archive of memories — photos, biographies, etc. of the “elders” in our family (including ourselves! 🙂
    #3 Put our health & wellbeing as high priority.

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