April 28, 2021

SEO Checklist

This was done in partnership with Kendall of Marketing for Farmers. For more of her great content, visit her WEBSITE & INSTAGRAM

If you haven’t done a once over of your website to ensure that it is search engine friendly, here’s a checklist to use. This list is also worth reviewing any time you’re adding new content such as blog posts.

Make sure all internal and external links are correct and functioning. For example, they don’t lead to a ‘404 Error’ page.


Your URL’s need to be clean and created using key words.

GOOD: www.examplewebsite.com/benefits-of-dry-aging-beef

BAD: www.examplewebsite.com/52035+products_sort=relevance-dry-beef


Search engines rely on file names to help determine what a photo is of, so it is important to rename the files before uploading them.

GOOD: Dry_Aged_Beef_For_Sale

BAD: IMG_2914

Whenever possible, include internal links when writing new content. If you’re doing a blog post about dry aged beef, include a link to other content you’ve written on the same topic of link to the page of your e-commerce site where folks can purchase your beef.


Making use of H1, H2, or H3 tags in your content helps your content perform better. Be sure to include keywords in your headings.

Blog Post Title : 5 Benefits of Dry Aged Beef

• Each benefit would be a heading (i.e. Dry Aging Leads to Superior Flavor)

• Below each heading would be a blurb explaining that point.

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