January 28, 2023

Jan 28/2023. Our big lamb working day – the girls rounded up some hard working friends and they rounded up all the momma sheep and lambs in the corrals. They sorted off the lambs and kept them in a smaller pen while the mommas went out to pasture to eat. One at a time they catch a lamb, identify if it’s a boy or girl and hold it until Brian is ready for it. He checks it’s out to make sure everyone is looking healthy and the youngest ones who hasn’t yet get docked tails, a tetanus shot and banded if it’s a boy. We usually ear tag every lamb on this big work day but they sent us the wrong ear tags (huge ones for calves!) so no ear tags for now. (It’s not as essential that we know which lambs go with which moms like it is for our calves) Finished a long day of sheep work with a Burgerhouse lunch, girls exercised their horses, I switched the washing machine out from the little house for the one that won’t work in hopes of starting two weeks worth of laundry (it’s working so far!) and paid a visit to Bruno at Hale Dairy for some fresh milk to make some butter for the girls’ cooking show debut Monday! Ended the night where we always do – cozy by the fire until Brian went to bed and the girls and I all cuddled up in Francie’s bed to watch a little Survivor. #m5yearinphotos #m5january2023 #ranchlife #navajochurrosheep #lambworkingday #m5sheep #m5lambs

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