November 14, 2022

I’m so thankful for our rodeo friends and the lessons the girls learn working hard to improve in a tough sport… I sure couldn’t rope and ride like they do! We had a three day district rodeo with not many fantastic runs for the girls – they were all working on certain things and other things didn’t go their way… lots of knocked barrels and poles 🙃 but Maisie and her partner Caleb caught in Team Roping both days, winning it with a 9 second run the first day! (posted on @m5rodeo) And Maisie and JJ caught their calves in breakaway the second day. But we cheered on friends, sat around the bonfire at night, and pot-lucked a delicious shrimp boil right in the pig barn next to our trailers! We all came home tired but so thankful we get to rodeo together. ♥️

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