May 12, 2023

I was down at my parents’ house for a visit yesterday and got to clear out their garage of another truck load of our returned meat boxes from customers who drop them off so we can reuse them again and again! Karen E had just returned 18 boxes from Modesto and Doreen brought 12. How awesome are our customers?! And my sweet Dad for stacking them all in their cute garage awaiting my next visit. 😊 We invest a lot in these custom built insulators that ensure our meat arrives safely and temperature controlled to our customers every time. Trust me, I’ve scoured the earth nothing works better than these do! They are an investment, so we really appreciate being able to use them again and again. For all of our customers who aren’t near the Bay Area, we have a library book donation program that allows customers to place a used book or two in their used box and send it back to us Media Rate through the US Post Office. We have so many people in our community who benefit from this program and are so thankful for all the books! And although some postal workers say “huh!?” – the head Post Master told us it’s a fantastic use of the media rate program! For those customers who can’t get to a post office – we will also send a prepaid UPS label if you have saved up three or four boxes to tape together as one big, very lightweight, box, which makes it economical for us to ship the boxes and liners back to us as well. We get MOST of our boxes back from customers which allows us to keep our shipping rates down and reuse the materials over and over. Reuse, recycle and resend to our awesome customers allows us to keep providing you with the best best deliveries around! #thankyou #fivemarys #m5boxreturn #shopfivemarys #fivemarysmeats

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