February 22, 2023

I love a full week at home to COOK in my kitchen! Having good quality meats honestly sales it so easy. I grocery shop once a week for produce (broccoli, zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes, carrots, brussels and asparagus usually) and potatoes, rice, tortillas, noodles and bread – along with butter, milk, cream, cheese and olive oil. I pull out some ground beef, beef fajita strips or steak bites and a few nice steaks or pork chops to put in my meat bin in the fridge to thaw. I don’t meal plan, but I know with this system I always have something to cook up for a great, easy but delicious dinner no matter how many I’m feeding. Good quality meats on hand makes it so easy and no matter how simple the recipe or cooking style (simpler the better) you can’t go wrong. We ship to all 50 states for a flat rate – so you can stock up or split an order with friends to reduce the shipping! Arrives overnight on dry ice and you’re all set. Thanks to all of you who order consistently from Five Marys or have tried us! Can you tell the Five Marys difference!? #shopfivemarys #fivemarysmeats #dryagedbeef #ranchraised #ranchraisedbeef

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