February 11, 2022

Five Marys Sheep Pelts

Five Marys Sheep Pelts

Five Marys sheep pelts are such a beautiful and cozy staple item for anywhere in your home. Our gorgeous Navajo Churro heritage sheep (read about how we got our flock here!) have really unique pelts – we can’t help but turn them into stunning home goods. They are saved after harvesting (where they would otherwise go to a landfill) and we work hard to honor the animal and use all the parts after harvesting that we can.

Our custom made sheepskin pelts are of the finest craftsmanship. We sort and clean them here on the ranch, then they travel to Oregon for salting and all-natural tanning by a skilled craftsman. They are soft suede on the back side (marked with our classic M5 brand!) and incredibly cozy lamb’s wool on the other.

We love draping a sheep pelt over a couch or at the end of a bed – especially during the colder months… but, they are surprisingly great when it’s warm too! Sheep pelts are made from hollow fibers, so it’s a breathable material that helps regulate your body temperature.

The sheepskin absorbs sweat instantly and omits it into the air seven times faster than synthetic materials! They are great to lay in a crib or car seat for a super comfy nap spot, while helping to keep your baby cool at the same time. I keep one on my office desk chair all year round!


If cleaning is necessary, rinse with cool water (never hot water!). Spot clean with warm water and liquid ivory soap. Pat dry with a towel or air dry and brush to fluff. If more cleaning is necessary, soak pelt for at least 30 minutes in warm water and wash with liquid ivory soap. Air dry and either brush or put in dryer (NO HEAT) to fluff.

Regular maintenance with a wire wool or pet brush can keep fibers fluffy and looking their best!

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  1. Sophia says:

    So beautiful and cozy! Absolutely love my Five Marys sheep pelts! ❤️

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