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Feb 14/2023. Brian turns 5️⃣1️⃣! The girls stayed up late the night before decorating the kitchen for his birthday table. Only the best for their Foss! (When he turned 45 they nicknamed him Fossil. It stuck.) We cooked a yummy dinner at home with steak, veggies and potatoes and good wine. Maisie is away with her rodeo friend/mentor Mariella – we missed her but she’s having a great time! also, remembering back to a year ago today, when I actually surprised him with all of his siblings and spouses and good friends at a surprise party at the burgerhouse. I still can’t believe I pulled that off without him knowing! I tried the same thing for his 40th birthday but he totally knew – so this one was a big deal. 🎉 We love you Foss! ❤️ (here’s his birthday ode from last year / had to share again ;) Happy birthday to the one who lights up our world – @heffbrian!! He’s a rugged, tough, sweet and kind Valentine’s baby and there’s no one else in the world like him. He can fix anything, he loves his girls fiercely, he tenderly cares for every animal on this ranch, he works so hard everyday, he puts family first and always has. He is smart at solving problems, efficient at coming to the best solution, he calmly mediates issues and does it all with a smile behind that mountain man beard. He’ll read books even when his eyes are barely open, he’ll play guessing games for hours on a car ride, he is calm and patient and loving with his daughters even when it’s stressful situation or emotions run high. He has the messiest desk and pick-up truck around – but somehow knows where all the important things are when we need them (ok maybe most of the time :) We love you Heff! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ #heffbrian #heffturnsfifty #m5birthdays



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