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At Five Marys, we exclusively offer Uncured Bacon (which hasn’t been treated with Sodium Nitrate) cut from the belly and side of the pig. Our Bacon is hickory smoked, fatty, and flavorful. It will be a delicious addition to any breakfast meal, BLT, or other recipe.



Bacon Cheeseburger Jalapeño Poppers

Loaded Smoked Potato Salad

Roasted Pork Belly

Bacon Ends are the pieces left after a bacon slab is cut into the traditional strips that you’re used to. They pack a powerful flavor because they consist of the surface which was in contact with the spices and brown sugar during the smoking process. Bacon Ends are cut into small cubes and chunks—perfect for putting on a salad, filling tacos, or adding to soup recipes.


Pork Belly is uncured, un-smoked, and un-sliced bacon. Don’t let its name confuse you, the Pork Belly is cut from the meat on a pig’s side, not the stomach. Like sliced bacon, it has juicy fat layers which offer amazing flavor. You can oven-roast it, fry it, or use it to make your own bacon.


The Boston Butt (sometimes called Pork Butt) is another name for the Pork Shoulder Roast. It is a bone-in pork roast with a juicy, rich flavor. This roast is perfect for slow-cooking, smoking, and especially pulled pork recipes. 



North Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

Old School Whole Smoked Pork Butt

Company Cider Pork Roast

Maple Glazed Pork Roast with Sautèed Butternut Squash



Pork Jowl Bacon is cut from the cheek of a pig. In Southern states, it is known as Hog Jowl. It is less fatty than traditional bacon cut from the pork belly. Jowl Bacon is generally smaller than pork belly bacon and therefore is good for adding to salads, casseroles, or as a side on breakfast dishes. 



Cowboy Beans

M5 Egg and Sausage Bake

Like pork belly bacon ends, Jowl Bacon Ends are the excess pieces left after Jowl Bacon is cut from the bacon slab of the jowl. Because they are small pieces, they are pre-cut for a flavorful addition to any side dish. 


Fresh Jowl consists of the entire Pork Jowl, un-cured and un-sliced. This is great for smoking, slicing for sandwiches, or preparing your own Jowl Bacon. 


The Pork Leg is traditionally where ham comes from, which is a cured, aged, and often smoked full leg. At Five Marys, we cut the Pork Leg Roast into 2-inch thick, uncured steaks which we call Pork Leg Steaks. This size is great for the slow cooker and pulled pork, or it can be fried and sliced for sandwiches and other recipes. 



Pork Ramen Bowls

Pork Leg Steak Gravy & Biscuits

Instant Pot Pork Carnitas

Chipotle Pork Tex Mex Bowls

Slow Cooker Honey Ginger Pork

Pork Chops can be cut from the Loin, Ribs, and Sirloin cuts on a pig. Pork Loin Chops are bone-in and less fatty, but still unbelievably delicious and juicy. Like a T-Bone steak on a cow, these Pork Loin Chops bear the signature T-shaped bone. It is recommended to cook them quickly, using high heat methods like grilling and pan-searing.



Mashed & Brown Sugar Glazed Sheet Pan Pork Chops

Pan Fried Pork Chops with Citrus, Apple and Walnut Salsa

The Pork Picnic Roast (or Pork Arm / Shoulder Roast), like our other pork roasts, is a bone-in cut. It’s great for slow cooking, smoking, braising, and pulled pork recipes.



Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

Sheet Pan Shredded Pork Nachos

Company Cider Pork Roast

Maple Glazed Pork Roast with Sauteéd Butternut Squash

At Five Marys, we sell full racks of Pork Spare Ribs which come from the lower part of a pig’s rib cage, near the stomach. Spare Ribs should be prepared low and slow for the most juicy and flavorful results—don’t forget to brush on your favorite BBQ sauce!



Slow Cooker Spare Ribs

Smoked Spare Ribs with Apples & Onions

Pork Sirloin Roasts are leaner than other pork roasts, but still boast a delicious flavor. They should be slow-cooked for the greatest flavor.


Pork Sirloin Chops, like our other Pork Chops, are bone-in. They are flavorful and juicy, but best when brined beforehand and cooked quickly on high heat.



Pork Sirloin Roast & Brussels Sprouts

The Pork Tenderloin is the leanest and most tender cut on a pig. It is boneless, long, and cylindrical. Pork Tenderloin is best prepared with a brine or marinade, and should be quickly roasted, broiled, grilled, or sautéed.



Slow Cooker Honey Ginger Pork

The Ground Pork doesn’t come from just one place on the pig. It is commonly taken from trimmings and less tender cuts, but at Five Marys we take pride in ensuring our Ground Pork is ground from more desirable cuts of the pig, too! Our Ground Pork is made from trimmings from the entire animal, whether that be the Neck or the prized Tenderloin cuts. A diversity in cuts ensures the greatest flavor and quality of our Ground Pork. Our Ground Pork, as well as our Breakfast Sausage and Italian Sausage is great for a variety of recipes or as a substitute for Ground Beef. 



Cast Iron Sausage Pizza

M5 Egg and Sausage Bake

Mini Sweet 'N' Spicy Meatballs

the PARTS OF A PIG ... and how to cook them!

Honey-Ginger Braised Pork Rice Bowls Found on page 157 of my Ranch Raised Cookbook!Photography by Charity Burggraaf This is such a great way to cook pork leg or arm roasts, which are a lot like pork shoulder, rendering them fall-apart tender. Like my pulled pork, I make this in the slow cooker because it’s so […]

Honey-Ginger Braised Pork Rice Bowls

m5 PORK recipes


Found on page 67 of my Ranch Raised Cookbook!Photography by Charity Burggraaf When I get asked if there is anything I miss about living in the Bay Area, my answer is usually “just the sushi and great Asian food!” So when I’m craving Thai food for flavors, I love to make these lettuce cups. The […]

Sesame-Lime Pork Lettuce Cups

Found on page 57 of my Ranch Raised Cookbook!Photography by Charity Burggraaf At Brians’ family gatherings, we divide up meal duties and I’m usually assigned “Mary’s famous bacon-jalapeño poppers” by my sister-in-law. I love the spicy, fresh kid of barely backed jalapeños (possibly my favorite ingredient!), and Brian has to walk away from the appetizer […]

Bacon-Jalapeño Poppers

Found on page 139 of my Ranch Raised Cookbook!Photography by Charity Burggraaf Roasting fresh tomatoes intensifies their flavor, so this sauce is still a winner even if you don’t have straight-from-the-vine summer tomatoes. Though if you do, this is an excellent recipe for using up that bounty – especially the tomatoes that are overripe or […]

Pork-and-Ricotta Meatballs

M5 EGG & SAUSAGE BAKE Ingredients: 1 lb Five Marys Breakfast Sausage 8 farm eggs 1 pint cherry tomatoes 1 can crushed tomatoes, rinse with water 1 red bell pepper, diced 1-2 potatoes, shredded or diced 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 1 small yellow onion, diced 3-4 cloves garlic, peeled and crushed M5 Spice Rub […]

M5 Egg & Sausage Bake

Serves : 6 people Prep time : 15 minutes Cook time : 3 + hours or 8 hours in the slow cooker Cut : Five Marys bone-in shoulder pork roast Ingredients : Roast – 1 3-pound bone-in Five Marys Farms arm shoulder pork roast 2 tablespoons olive oil Salt and pepper to taste 1 medium […]

Maple Glazed Pork Roast

Serves : 2-4 people Prep Time : 30 minutes Cook Time : 2 hours Ingredients: 1 pound pork belly, skin on 1 teaspoon black peppercorn 1/2 teaspoon fennel seed 1/2 cinnamon stick 2 whole cloves 4 whole allspice 2 garlic cloves 1 1/2 tablespoons sea salt 2 teaspoons brown sugar 1 sprig sage 1 apple, […]

Roasted Pork Belly

Serves : 6-8 people Prep time : 10 minutes Cook time : 8 hours Smoker Pellets : Hardwood pellets in apple wood Cut : Five Marys Pork Butt Ingredients : 5 pound Five Marys Farms pork butt Kosher salt and pepper to taste Instructions : Set the grill to 250 degrees F. Rub the pork […]

Old School Smoked Pork Butt

Serves : 4-6 people Prep time : 15 minutes Cook time : 60 minutes manual high pressure OR 6-8 hours in a slow cooker Cut : The leg roast comes from the back upper leg area of the pig, traditionally used to make hams Ingredients : 3 pounds Five Marys Farms pork leg roast 1 […]

Instant Pot Pork Carnitas

Serves : 4-6 people Prep time : 15 minutes Baking time : 45 minutes (well done chops) Cut : Five Marys bone-in pork loin chops Ingredients : 2.5-3 pounds Five Marys Farms bone-in pork loin chops (4-5 chops) 1 medium-sized onion, sliced 2 tart, crisp apples such as honey crisp or pink lady, cored and […]

Sheet Pan Pork Chops

Prep time for the nachos : 10 minutes Prep time for the pork shoulder arm roast : 10 minutes Cook time for the nachos : 10 minutes Cook time for the pork shoulder arm roast : 4 hours Serves : 4-6 people Cut : Five Marys Pork roast Ingredients : Pork – 1 2.5-3 pound […]

Sheet Pan Shredded Pork Nachos

Serves : 4-6 people Prep time : 20 minutes *Instant Pot cook time : 65 minutes, natural pressure release *Slow Cooker cook time : 4+ hours THE CUT : Five Marys Farms Pork Bone-In Leg Steak or Shoulder Roast Ingredients: 3 pound Five Marys Farms Pork bone-in leg steak or shoulder roast 2-3 cups water […]

Chipotle Pork Tex Mex Bowls

Serves : 4 people Prep time : 20 minutes Cook time : 10 minutes Cut option 1 : Pork loin chops run from the leg to shoulder, just below the back and close to the top of the side of the pig. Cut option 2 : Pork leg roasts are cross cut sections of the […]

Pork Ramen Bowls

Prep time : 20 minutes Smoke time : 7-8 hours Serves : 4-6 people Smoker Pellets : Hardwood pellets in apple wood Ingredients : For The Pulled Pork : 1 5-pound pork butt 2 teaspoon paprika 2 teaspoons brown sugar Kosher salt and pepper to taste For The North Carolina BBQ sauce : 1 1/2 […]

North Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwiches

five marys cast iron sausage pizza

FIVE MARYS CUT: 1 lb Five Marys Italian Sausage   INGREDIENTS:Crust: (2-3 pizzas)1 1/8 cups warm water3 teaspoons active dry yeast1 tablespoon honey1 tablespoon olive oil1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour1 teaspoon salt  Toppings: (2-3 pizzas)1 pound Five Marys Italian Sausage1 shallot or small onion, sliced2 garlic cloves, minced1/2 pound brussels sprouts, stems removed and thinly sliced1/3 […]


Slow Cooker Honey Ginger Pork Five Marys Cut: Pork Leg Roast/Steak Ingredients:Roast:1/4 cup olive oilsalt and pepper or M5 Spice Rub to taste Marinade:1 white onion, diced1/2 cup honey1/4 cup coconut aminos or soy sauce 1/4 cup brown sugarjuice of 2 limes3 cloves garlic, minced1 tablespoon fresh ginger Slaw:1/3 cup chopped cilantro1/2 green cabbage, shredded2 carrots, […]


Makes 6-8 servings. Ingredients : • 2 tablespoons whole-grain Dijon or brown mustard• 1 teaspoon sweet paprika• 1 teaspoon kosher salt• 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper• 2 (1-pound) pork tenderloins, trimmed of silver skin• 16 to 20 thin-cut slices bacon (1 1/4 to 1 1/2 pounds)• 3 tablespoons honey, warmed Instructions In a small […]

Bacon-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin


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