February 23, 2023

I can’t believe how far we’ve come. Fresh faced almost a decade ago with big dreams to raise and sell really good beef from start to finish… Doing things the right way isn’t easy. And being really proud of the best possible animal care and end product for your customers means a lot of extra attention and time and honestly… blood, sweat and tears. There are big obstacles in this industry to get quality meats on your table direct from a family ranch. But not doing it all and doing it really well wasn’t an option for us. Last year we opened the doors to Five Marys Custom Meat Co and we are so proud to have a talented team of craft butchers making certain every steak we produce is dry-aged, cut and packaged beautifully and each pound of ground beef is handled the same. We are able to use more of each animal and produce custom cuts for our customers. This month, we’ve successfully harvested our own beef (beeves!) under USDA inspection right here on the ranch in our harvest barn and mobile unit. We have a team of three plus Brian and a USDA inspector on site at all times to ensure animal handling and harvest is done according to protocol and care standards and each carcass is inspected before it comes to Five Marys Custom Meat Co for aging and butchering. This was our big dream that seemed so unattainable – and it’s been an incredible amount of labor and thought and resources involved to get here. But to finally be vertically integrated and to have control over every step of the process is so worth it – knowing we are doing the best for our animals and for our customers!

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