Five Marys livestock including Black Angus cattle, Navajo-Churro sheep and Berkshire hogs spend their whole lives at Five Marys Farms in Siskiyou County; roaming freely and grazing California grasses. Brian and Mary’s ranching methods and beliefs help to preserve and protect the land and respect the animals from birth through processing. After the animals are processed, the meats (beef, pork and lamb) are available for purchase through 

Specially packaged for shipping, Five Marys Meats can be shipped anywhere within the continental United States direct to your doorstep. Meats can be purchased individually by-the-cut or in weekly special combination boxes.

If you’re interested in a monthly or quarterly subscription box, The Five Marys Farm Club offers customized boxes based on the size of your family and your cooking preferences. Registration to the Farm Club is limited. Please join our mailing list to be notified when registration is open to the public.


the burgerhouse

Five Marys Burgerhouse is open Monday-Saturday 11am-9pm right downtown Fort Jones and offers our dry-aged beef, pork and lamb in a delicious lunch and dinner menu served 6 days a week. 

Our Bourbon Bacon Burger or Cowboy Blues Burgers are customer favorites, and make sure to have an M5 Sidecar with our own Five Marys Bourbon or Whiskey. You can even purchase and take a bottle home from the Burgerhouse - they make fantastic gifts and are only available to buy at Five Marys Burgerhouse!

Ready to visit us for a meal?

You’ll find us at:
 11825 Main Street | Fort Jones, CA 96032

PHONE: 530.468.4555


Mary loves to cook, and she loves to share her homegrown recipes. Launching in September of 2020, the Ranch Raised Cookbook features 75 of Mary’s favorite, tried-and-true recipes ranging from dinners and breakfast to desserts and cocktails. To learn more about the Ranch Raised cookbook click here or purchase on Amazon. 

In addition to the Ranch Raised Cookbook, Mary shares recipes here on the website as well as on her Pinterest page. 


m5 entrepreneurs

Brian and Mary Heffernan spent years in the business world in Silicon Valley before becoming cattle ranchers seven years ago. They built a new model from scratch to raise and sell their ranch raised meats directly to customers all over the country by selling online and shipping.

These courses include everything they’ve learned to build and grow a Small Business from Scratch, especially in the agricultural arena - from formation and branding to social media and shipping - in an easy to follow online course with video modules as well as companion workbooks, links, downloads and an online community of like-minded entrepreneurs to offer support, discounted rates and guidance along the way. Complete with practical information and resources to take your business to the next level no matter what stage of business you are in and the tools to do it efficiently and cost effectively.

Mary and Brian are passionate about empowering entrepreneurs with the the tools to build and grow successful businesses from the ground up and to inspire agricultural business owners to fulfill and continue to grow their small business dreams and find profits quickly. They offer live Q&A sessions in the community and are active in the platform daily to help guide and answer questions.

ranch school

A Community for Learning by Five Marys Farms.
Learn age-old skills, modern day lessons, animal husbandry, ranch life, outdoor living, vocational skills, art & travel... and so much more through our interactive lessons and engaging activities.

Connect with other families eager to broaden horizons, learn new things, and find information on curriculums and opportunities - no matter if they are homeschooling, interested in exploring homeschooling options or enrolled in traditional schooling/distance learning. All levels, including lifelong learners are WELCOME.

Join M5 Ranch School to connect and explore new learning opportunities with us!



The land we live on is rich in family farming history and we are proud to continue that legacy through hard work, storytelling and the restoration of the ranch’s two homes, a large victorian and a 19th century creamery-turned house. We both come from a long lines of agriculture families, so we are grateful and excited to see these California roots grow into a story of our own.

- Mary and Brian Heffernan

Sharps Gulch was established in October of 1857 by early pioneers of Scott Valley, William and Augusta Sharp. After trying his luck mining in California’s booming gold country and farming in the San Joaquin Valley, William Sharp moved his family north looking for better land and a better life. Traveling in a covered wagon across California and through the Scott Mountains, the Sharps arrived near Fort Jones on Christmas Day of 1854 with chickens, pigs and the first turkeys to be introduced to the county. After renting land for a time, they purchased the gulch in 1857 and planted 500 acres of grain. William and Augusta had ten children: Emily, Philip, Frederick, Augusta, Friedell, Eugene, Josephine, Frank, Walter and William, and the farm stayed in their family until 1974 when it was purchased by the Hansen Family.

Brian and Mary Heffernan purchased Sharps Gulch from the Hansens in 2013 and continue the family farm legacy with their own roots in California agriculture- dating back to the 19th century.

Our livestock spend their whole lives on our Siskiyou county ranch, roaming freely and munching wild, Californian grasses. The ranching methods and beliefs we use, from grazing rotations to slaughter, preserve and protect the land we live on and respect the animals we raise from birth until their "one bad day" sacrificing for the food on our plates.

As far as certifications go, we believe in actions, not labels. Our products reflect our beliefs in respecting our animals, raising them with the utmost care and comfort and in feeding our customers only what we feed our family - the highest quality meats raised as naturally and humanely as possible.

We are raising Black Angus cattle, Navajo-Churro sheep, Berkshire hogs and a wide variety of laying hens.

Everyday is an adventure here on the ranch!

camp five mary's

Brian and Mary created Camp Five Marys as a place for visitors to come and experience a little bit of life on the ranch. Perfect for small retreats and glamping experiences, Camp Five Marys features authentic wall tents outfitted with cozy bedding, Tuft & Needle mattresses, western decor and classic products from companies like Pendleton.

At this time, Camp is not available for events or weekend retreats at Five Marys. Camp Five Marys is now primarily used to host special visitors to the ranch including Mary and Brian’s close friends and family. But make sure you are on our Friends & Family Newsletter list to be the first to know if/when we open up opportunities to come stay and Learn at Camp Five Marys!

mary's e-book

Parenting isn’t easy, but you’d be surprised at what your kids can do, when you let them. “They Can Do It : What I Learned About Raising Kids by Moving to the Country” is a downloadable eBook written by Mary to help other parents raise capable children. 

Learn from her story as she shares about their decision to move from their busy suburban life in Silicon Valley to a ranch in rural Northern California and their efforts to raise strong, independent and capable kids. Because THEY CAN DO IT! :)

buy the e-book

the test kitchen

In 2019, Brian and I decided it was time to restore the old homestead “Bunkhouse” house on the ranch. We’d been slowly restoring the main structure, this beautiful two-story original home built in 1868! We had painted the exterior and removed most of the layers and layers of wallpaper and shag carpet and ceiling tiles to uncover original wood milled right here on the ranch and lots of historical details.


custom meats



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