May 19, 2021

Canva Branding Resource Guide

This was done in partnership with Kendall of Marketing for Farmers. For more of her great content, visit her WEBSITE & INSTAGRAM

Let’s pull together some of the fundaments of your physical branding package in a quick one page branding guide.

This guide includes your logo, color scheme (including hex codes), brand fonts, and some inspiration photos that show the feeling you want to portray through your brand.

Using this link, take a look at a sample branding guide and then create your own using the template.

Follow the video for a step-by-step tutorial to edit your Branding Guide Template to match your branding.

Once you’re done, save a copy to your computer and to your phone so you always have your guide to reference when creating any graphic design assets for your business.

Allows you to upload a photo that inspires your brand to generate a color scheme for your brand. It will give you hex codes.

Google Fonts

A great place to look at different fonts that are available for your brand. A bonus is that the options are web friendly.


Allows you to create a branding guide on brand marketing assets like price lists, brochures, social media graphics, and more. You can use Canva Pro, but there is also a free option.

Creative Market

An online platform where you can purchase graphic design assets like custom fonts, photo filters, and templates that make graphic design so much easier.

Adobe Stock Photos

While there are many free stock photo options that are great, I find Adobe’s prices fair and there are so many more options that fit farm and food photography.

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